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November 30, 2018

Tsunami Alert After 7.0 Earthquake
in Anchorage, Alaska


Two back-to-back earthquakes rocked Anchorage, Alaska this Friday morning, triggering a tsunami warning for coastal areas in southern Alaska and Kodiak Island. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the first and most powerful quake was centered 7 miles outside of Anchorage and was felt over a perimeter of 400 miles. 

While it is too early for reports on injuries, photos of major structural damage are emerging on social media. Many roofs have collapsed, windows were broken, buildings were left with cracks and some main roads have buckled. 


Although the airport just reopened for service after local authorities checked its infrastructure, be prepared to experience delays or possible cancellations throughout the day. Call your airline for status updates before you leave your hotel. 

If you are staying in a coastal area, head to higher grounds. 
Be mindful of potential aftershocks and monitor local media sources. 
If there are aftershocks, stay indoors and take cover under a desk or table and hold during the shaking stops. Stay away from bookshelves and other furniture that can fall on you. Avoid windows, light fixtures and elevators.

If you are outdoors, drop to the ground and steer clear from buildings, trees and power lines. If driving, pull over, stop and set your parking brake. Do not stay on overpasses, tunnels and bridges.

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