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August 22, 2018

Category-4 Hurricane Lane Approaches Hawaii


The archipelago of Hawaii is bracing itself for Hurricane Lane, a Category-4 hurricane, scheduled to make its way over the Hawaiian Islands late Wednesday, August 22nd and Thursday, August 23rd. While the hurricane is weakening as it is nearing the islands, the National Weather Service still expects 150+ mph winds to hit the area and warns inhabitants and tourists to take appropriate safety measures. 

The U.S. Army also announced all Hawaii-based ships and aircraft were being moved away from the storm but still at a distance that would permit a quick emergency response if necessary once the hurricane has passed. 


People traveling in Hawaii are advised to closely monitor local media sources for the latest weather-related updates and should follow any directives issued by local authorities. 

Travelers should stay inside their hotels and seek the guidance of their hotels’ management staff. 

Travelers renting cars should not be going on roads during the duration of the storm.

Strong currents and high swells are likely off the coast so being on the beach or entering the sea should be avoided. Streams, creeks, and rivers should also be avoided due to the high risk of flash flooding. 

Travelers should contact their transport providers for updated information about their flights.

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