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June 27, 2017
New Global Cyber Attack Causes Major Disruptions Around the World

A dozen countries reported this Tuesday, June 27, 2017 that a cyber-attack had targeted government sites, infrastructures, companies, banks and transportation.
Ukraine appears to have suffered the worst hit of the attack with the virus affecting flight operations at Boryspil International Airport (KBP) in Kyiv, the Kyiv metro system and the national rail network. The Parliament and several banks and utility firms, including the radiation monitoring system of Chernobyl’s nuclear plant have also been affected.
Other countries affected include:

•  Denmark
•  France
•  Netherlands
•  Russia
•  Spain
•  Ireland
•  United Kingdom
•  United States
The attack is using Petrwrap, a modified version of the Petya virus which hit various countries a year ago. Petrwrap is a ransomware which locks users out of their systems and forces them to purchase a code to unlock their computers. This process of cyber-attack is similar to the method used for the ‘WannaCry’ attack, which targeted hundreds of thousands of computers in early May.
Cyber-attacks are on the rise and hackers are the new bank robbers. With a potential for return on investments approaching 1000%, attackers are not going to stop such lucrative crimes anytime soon, so whether these attacks target public institutions, the corporate world or the consumer sector, everyone should use caution and prevention steps.

Regarding the current situation:

•  Business and transport disruptions are to be expected. Check your travel arrangements for any delays.
•  Do not open email attachments from unfamiliar sources and refrain from sending attachments yourself until the situation has cleared.

To prevent attacks on your devices:

•  Make sure that your electronic devices are running with the latest operating system updates and that all security software are installed and updated.
•  Do not store on your electronic device or share critical personal information such as bank details, national ID number, passport details via email.
•  Avoid storing payment information on shopping websites.
•  Run frequent back-ups of important documents stored on your devices.
•  Do not attempt to make online purchases using a public Wi-Fi (e.g. connection available at airports, hotels, subways, etc.)
•  Don’t neglect going through your bank statement. Most of the payments frauds happens in various small amounts throughout a long period of time.
•  For extra peace of mind, look into Identity Protection programs.

If affected by a virus: 

•  Contact your bank(s), creditors and authorities right away to secure your accounts and report the attack or fraud.
•  If victim of an ID or bank fraud, put a fraud notifications on your credit report.
•  Check your online accounts containing personal information to block fraudulent access and modify credentials.
•  Disconnect your electronic devices from connections (whether cable internet or Wi-Fi). 
•  Scan your devices for malware and use trustworthy security software to repair the broken files. You may have to wipe clean your devices and reinstall the operating system.

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