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Happy Thanksgiving 

George Washington initially set the date of Thanksgiving on October 3, calling the celebration the ‘National Thanksgiving Proclamation.’ After this, the date of Thanksgiving in the United States, varied depending with each state scheduled its own holiday, some as early as October and others as late as January and was largely unknown in the American South. Thanksgiving only became an official holiday that always took place in November after a campaign by author Sarah Josepha Hale in 1863. 

So with a specific day all across the United States to give thanks, millions travel to various destinations becoming the most traveled holiday of the year.  

In 2015, almost 42 million Americans hit the road, but just 3.6 million people flew, according to AAA. 

However, in 2016, Airlines for America, an industry trade group, estimates 27.3 million people will fly worldwide on domestic airlines between Nov. 18 and Nov. 29. 

Waze, a community-based traffic and navigation app, evaluated the holiday traffic driving patterns and suggests that the best time to leave for your road trip is Thanksgiving morning before noon or the Tuesday before.  For air travel, it is suggested the best days to fly are Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Now for the Wednesday before, Waze found a 33 percent increase in accident alerts, a 26 percent increase in hazard alerts and a 20 percent increase in traffic jam alerts on that day. The best day to drive back is the following Monday and avoid Sunday. This goes for air travel as well.

As a traveler, if a situation should arise, the fastest way to get a question answered, to get a flight changed, car rental situation handled or to get information about delays, is to direct message the company on Facebook messenger or on Twitter," says Conversocial founder and CEO Josh March, whose company was developed to help giants such as Hyatt, Hertz, Alaska Airlines and more, with their social customer service.  "All of these companies have big teams of people who are there aiming to respond, they can change flights, hotel rooms and more."

Interestingly enough – a recent pool based on Expedia data, found that Las Vegas is the number one destination for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend this year, with big cities such as New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Chicago, and London also rounding out the top ten.

Wherever your travels take you, Assist America wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving.  

*Sources Wikipedia, Waze, Conversocial, Expedia, AAA, Airlines for Americans



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