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National Travel & Tourism Week: May 1-7, 2016: 
Favorite Foods from our 50 states

If you were to go on a cross-country trip, tasting each state’s most iconic dish, what would you find? Join us on a culinary tour of the United States, sampling a bit of local flavor in each of the 50 states.

Part 1 of 5

Florida – Key Lime Pie

Key limes (abundant in the Florida Keys) react with condensed milk to form this no-bake pie’s thick filling.

Alabama – Fried Green Tomatoes
A restaurant in Irondale, Alabama originated this iconic fried dish to make use of abundant unripe green tomatoes.

Alaska – Salmon Candy
When cured, basted and baked, strips of Alaskan King Salmon become a dry, salty-sweet jerky with just a hint of smoke.

Arizona – Pork Chimichanga
A burrito was once accidentally dropped in the fryer (or so the tale goes), and the crispy, meat-filled chimichanga was born.

Arkansas – Southern Fried Catfish
Cook catfish quickly at a very high temperature to produce a crispy, crunchy crust that’s signature of the Arkansas dish.

California – Fish Tacos
Deep-fried, flaked and served with fresh fixins, fish tacos are a favorite amongst surfers and southern Californians.

Colorado – Chili Verde
Serve this thinner, subtly spicy pork chili—richly green thanks to tart, firm tomatillos—with tortilla chips and lime wedges.

Connecticut – New Haven Style White Clam Pizza
In Connecticut, thin-crust pizza is topped with garlic, oregano, olive oil, just a sprinkling of cheese and fresh local clams.

Delaware – Vinegar French Fries
These tangy boardwalk-inspired spuds are soaked in vinegar, refrigerated and then fried to a golden brown finish.

Georgia – Lattice Top Georgia Peach Pie
Sweet, juicy Georgia peaches peek through the woven lattice crust of this sunny pie, flavored with a little sugar and spice.



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