May 5, 2014                    SPECIAL EDITION: NATIONAL TRAVEL & TOURISM WEEK 2014

The Situation
National Travel & Tourism Week 2014

Travel Tip #1

Get your documents in order
  • As soon as you know you'll be headed abroad, check your passport expiration date. If it's current, but due to expire remotely close to your scheduled return date, it may be best to err on the side of caution and renew it prior to your departure.

  • Apply for any visas you may need as early as possible in case there are hiccups in the process and you need to seek out additional documentation. You may be able to prevent this by asking Assist America for a letter of coverage to include with your application.

  • Scan your travel documents and email them to yourself. That way, should anything happen, you can access them anywhere.

In celebration of National Travel & Tourism Week, Assist America will be sending out daily travel tips as well as Tweets (follow us on Twitter @assistamerica)


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