November 26, 2013

The Situation
Protests in Bangkok, Thailand

Authorities said that 23 countries, including Australia, Brazil, China, the UK, and the US, have issued travel advisories for Thailand as anti-government protests continue to spread in Bangkok and are instructing travelers to be cautious and avoid all demonstrations; however, no country is advising against all travel.

The travel advisories come as anti-government protesters continue to target government ministries in Bangkok. Outside of several minor, isolated incidents, the protests have remained peaceful. Though the government has implemented the Internal Security Act throughout Bangkok and in several surrounding districts, officials maintain that they have no plans to forcefully disperse protesters at this time. Opposition leaders have also called on their supporters to keep the actions peaceful, and to not vandalize or destroy any property during their protests. Protesters have vowed not to target vital institutions, including Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

The protests remain concentrated in Bangkok. However, opposition leaders are calling on supporters to storm government ministries elsewhere in the country, a move which could prompt demonstrations and possibly violent clashes in other provinces.

While the protests are causing localized disruptions, most businesses are continuing normal operations in Bangkok, though some schools have been closed as a precaution. Conditions could deteriorate rapidly if the government moves to use force against the protesters, likely the reason that the government and police response has remained restrained to date.

Avoid all demonstrations in Bangkok. Allow additional time for travel around rally sites; police will likely detour traffic. Use caution near all government ministries and buildings, as additional facilities may be targeted in the coming days. Monitor local media for updates on protests, as most rallies are not being announced in advance.

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